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Asset Control

Monitor, measure and manage faster and more accurately than ever before

AssetPool transforms your business from paper to to the cloud with a complete and fully customizable smart inspection software solution, allowing you to know who, what, where, when and how your assests are being inspected.

Learn more about the features of our mobile, cloud-based software

AssetPool is a multi-feature software solution that works with your business to manage your assets and equipment effectively and accurately, in real time.
You can customize the paperless software to suit your business and sync it across all devices for complete control over your asset registration, maintenance and management.

Whether you’re in the field or monitoring workflows from an office, once set up, our software does all the work for you:

  • Set up your own, unique customer environment
  • Load your assets into relevant zones
  • Scan asset barcodes to filter them into their relevant checklists
  • Your technicians complete an inspection and the appropriate data is captured
  • Asset risk is calculated based on the data
  • Risk is measured using an informative dashboard
  • Reports on the information are delivered in seconds
Digitize your business, saving you time and money. Optimizing your workflow.

Software Features

Benefit from a number of unique features and functions that are being refined and improved upon daily. As an AssetPool customer, you automatically benefit from any future improvements that are made, giving you more value for your money over time.

Cloud Hosting

Secure 256-bit AES-TLS encryption,
and lightning-fast infrastructure


Inspections hold geo-location and time related information, helping you keep track of assessments


Customize the software to suit your business, from work scheduling, to asset onboarding, to reporting


Register the assets that are relevant to your business by scanning a barcode and linking them to a checklist

Asset Maintenance

Stay in control of asset maintenance with a bird’s eye view of all assets in one user-friendly dashboard

Field Service Management

Inspections hold geo-location and time related information, Manage your teams from a field service calendar and measure overall team efficiency

Unique Onboarding

Using unique codes, it has never been easier to onboard and track asset compliance across portfolios

Work Offline Anywhere

Continue working even in remote areas, underground, or without an internet connection

Risk Management

Identify risk across assets, zones and sites, keeping safety top of mind at all times

Pass Or Fail Asset Checklists

Make it easy to log asset maintenance with a simple pass or fail checklist

Paperless Job Cards

Never worry about losing job cards or important data. Everything is kept online in the cloud

Recurring Jobs

Set recurring jobs to streamline your requirements and save time

Dedicated Support

Our support team is on hand 24/7 to assist you with issues, guidance, or enquiriesIdentify risk across assets, zones and sites, keeping safety top of mind at all times

Push Notifications

Make Set reminders, alarms and all job-related notifications to stay up to date with business operations at all times

Device Compatibility

Our software is compatible across multiple devices that can be synced together as one team

Risk Dashboard

Get you a clear overview of your inspections, checklists, job start and end dates, risk, and more

Workplace safety is non-negotiable. Health and safety audits are an integral part of asset compliance, and it begins with the right asset maintenance solution. AssetPool assists you in ensuring the safety and optimal operation of all your assets and equipment, guaranteeing that the workplace is a safe and secure environment for everyone to operate in.

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